About me

smallHi! I’m a cosmologist and currently a Senior Postdoc at Perimeter Institute. I am working at the interface of cosmological theory and data analysis, testing models of fundamental physics with data from the Planck CMB satellite, among many other projects. My goal is to improve our understanding of the early universe and its implications for high energy physics.

I am interested both in fundamental theory (physics with pen and paper) and in modern data analysis techniques (physics with supercomputers). All knowledge is fundamentally derived from data, and finding new ways to analyse data, or finding new questions to ask to it, can lead to unexpected insights and discoveries. You can learn more about my research here and watch a talk for example here.

Besides physics, another passion of mine is machine learning and artificial intelligence. The last decade has seen huge progress in this field, especially with large scale neural networks (deep learning). You can find some of my recent projects in this domain here.

More infos about me, as well as my entrepreneurial projects, are listed here. Please contact me if you have questions or are interested in collaborating with me, via moritz.muenchmeyer@gmail.com.