Projects and links

More about me

Here is my profile at Perimeter Institute.

A list of my academic publications can be found here: Arxiv  Inspire/Spires

Here is my Linkedin profile with a short Résumé.

You can find some of my projects on my public github page: Github

Friends may also be looking for my old website Moritzland.

Entrepreneurial projects

Wolution Scientific Image Analysis. With my partner Dominik Wuttke I founded a company for scientific image analysis. My main contribution is a Deep Learning algorithm that can be applied to a large class of problems and is used in practice by researchers in different fields. webdesign. During my time as a student, I had a small webdesign company with two friends, which is no longer active. You can find our work on our website, with our long list of references that we did over the years.

Snaptick. An entrepreneurial project during my student times was Snaptick, which was a service to create a personal website from a desktop client in windows. We had a few hundred active users and a few paying customers. The service no longer exists, but a screenshot is here, and of course the internet archive hasn’t forgotten us.


Some other things that I like to spend time with are filmmaking, writing, and piano playing. Here is a short film I played in a few years ago.